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Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire



Latitude: 42.7734022, Longitude: -72.3831236


Latitude: 42.7734022, Longitude: -72.3831236


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Atherton, Raymond Putnam  14 Nov 1902Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I153142
2 Bent, Evelyn R.  16 Oct 1843Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I90034
3 Boyce, Addie May or Addie Mabel  26 Apr 1874Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I153137
4 Boyce, Eugene Russell  30 Apr 1870Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I153132
5 Boyce, Flora Julia  5 Nov 1860Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I153130
6 Foster, Angeline Morse  21 Sep 1829Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89719
7 Foster, Dan Packard  11 Nov 1815Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89713
8 Foster, Edwin  25 Oct 1810Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89710
9 Foster, Harvey Stratton  21 Sep 1831Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89720
10 Foster, Job  9 Aug 1786Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89707
11 Foster, Job  3 Oct 1824Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89717
12 Foster, Joseph Ansil  23 Jul 1834Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89721
13 Foster, Lucy Packard  9 Jan 1822Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89716
14 Foster, Mark Packard  30 Mar 1812Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89711
15 Foster, Phila H.  12 May 1818Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89714
16 Foster, Rebecca Lawrence  25 Oct 1813Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89712
17 Foster, Rhoda Shaw  4 Sep 1827Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89718
18 Foster, Samuel West  30 Jan 1820Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89715
19 Kingman, Alphens  9 Jul 1786Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I90096
20 Kingman, Melinda  9 May 1801Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I11977
21 Packard, Hannah  23 Jun 1789Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89609
22 Packard, Jacob  Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89607
23 Packard, Mark  Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89610
24 Packard, Sophia  Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89606
25 Packard, Tirzah  Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89608
26 Pickett, Hosea Gustine  15 Jun 1823Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I99815
27 Pickett, Hosea L.  Jun 1793Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I99810
28 Pomeroy, William Martin  19 Nov 1783Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I66987
29 Saben, Levi  16 Oct 1844Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I133994
30 Salmon, Florence L.  1866Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I47100
31 Stetson, Hannah  1764Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89709
32 Tenney, Mary J.  27 Sep 1840Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I120040
33 Thayer, Dorothy  20 May 1787Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I90092
34 Thayer, Emmons  16 May 1789Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I90093
35 Thayer, Esther  21 Dec 1791Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I90094
36 Thayer, Hezekiah  25 Oct 1783Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I90090
37 Thayer, Nancy  26 Jul 1785Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I90091
38 Watkins, Moses  16 Sep 1764Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I124664
39 Whipple, Louise Clementine  29 Jun 1918Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I138049
40 Whipple, Marshall  Feb 1820Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I153022
41 Willard, Ebenezer Scott  19 Jan 1794Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I47213


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ballou, William Jonas "Willie"  5 May 1932Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I27258
2 Bent, Evelyn R.  9 Dec 1893Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I90034
3 Boyce, Russell W.  18 Aug 1917Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I153123
4 Brown, Josiah  27 May 1848Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89729
5 Buffum, Sally  1848Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I131379
6 Croumie, Charles John  12 Nov 1940Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I161047
7 Foster, James  16 Dec 1829Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89708
8 Foster, Job  29 Jul 1843Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89717
9 Foster, Joseph Ansil  18 Feb 1878Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89721
10 Foster, Phila H.  26 Nov 1876Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89714
11 Goodenow, Elizabeth  21 Feb 1855Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89730
12 Hatch, Angelia B.  12 Mar 1921Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I90039
13 Holman, Elisha  20 May 1812Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89657
14 Jenckes, Jonathan  Bef 25 Feb 1776Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I5238
15 Kingman, Alphens  6 Jun 1839Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I90096
16 Kingman, Benjamin  18 Aug 1846Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I90097
17 Kingman, Ellen M.  11 Oct 1838Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I90099
18 Mavity, Margaret  6 Jan 1898Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I27256
19 Packard, Hannah  29 Jan 1876Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89609
20 Packard, Mark Sergeant  24 Dec 1834Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89563
21 Pickett, Hosea L.  1864Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I99810
22 Pike, Charlotte Marie "Chucky"  21 Aug 2016Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I138120
23 Plumley or Plumbley, Tabitha M.  28 Aug 1883Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I100075
24 Rayner, Emma Stone  24 Jun 1957Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I138048
25 Shaw, Rhoda  4 Jan 1824Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I90098
26 Sprague, Samuel  28 Sep 1881Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I11925
27 Stetson, Hannah  28 Jul 1845Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89709
28 Thayer, Esther  12 Sep 1836Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I90094
29 Thayer, Henry  16 Oct 1839Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I90087
30 Thayer, Nancy  30 Dec 1803Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I90091
31 Whipple, Clarence Ellsworth  2 Aug 1956Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I137906
32 Whipple, Emily A.  30 Aug 1927Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I153122
33 Whipple, Julia Abbie  23 Oct 1885Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I153161
34 Whipple, Otis  15 Feb 1898Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I27218
35 Whipple, Seraph  21 Sep 1865Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I99809


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Breen, Keith Robert Private  Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I75385
2 Breen, Robert Kevin  Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I75377
3 Stanford, Emily Maria  Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire I109863


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Atherton / Howe  12 Jun 1926Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire F58838
2 Bent / Foster  23 Oct 1836Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire F37986
3 Boyce / Wright  31 Dec 1891Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire F58833
4 Brown / Foster  4 Jul 1834Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire F37984
5 Conant / Thayer  1806Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire F38127
6 Foster / Packard  1808Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire F37944
7 Foster / Stetson  15 Dec 1785Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire F37981
8 Holman / Packard  28 Jan 1801Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire F37942
9 Howe / Boyce  29 Mar 1899Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire F58836
10 Kelton / Sprague  18 Dec 1851Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire F6870
11 Kingman / Thayer  6 Apr 1807Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire F38128
12 Lyman / Boyce  14 Feb 1881Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire F58830
13 Pickett / Whipple  6 Jun 1815Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire F41650
14 Sampson / Whipple  10 Jun 1920Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire F53886
15 Sargent / Foster  29 Apr 1847Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire F37990
16 Whipple / Rayner  21 May 1915Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire F53884
17 Whipple / Stanford  11 Jan 1883Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire F13944

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