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Syracuse, Onondaga, New York



Latitude: 43.0481221, Longitude: -76.1474244


Latitude: 43.0481221, Longitude: -76.1474244


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Rita P.  12 Jul 1917Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I162199
2 Adams, Edna Belle  2 Dec 1882Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I11316
3 Adams, Lucy Maria  14 Jun 1881Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I11315
4 Babcock, Anne Treadwell  2 Feb 1878Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I89061
5 Bacon, Cora Estella  27 Dec 1865Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I38334
6 Bacon, George Edwin  15 May 1861Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I38332
7 Bacon, Harriet Evanna  22 Jul 1863Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I38333
8 Bacon, Susan Anna  26 Mar 1859Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I38331
9 Ballou, Wealthy Ann  24 Jul 1836Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I37382
10 Carnell, Leon E.  7 Oct 1893Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I152337
11 Costello, Alice Jean  9 Sep 1914Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I48892
12 Curtis, Joseph S.  18 Jan 1848Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I38309
13 Deming, Frances Whipple  12 May 1898Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I153356
14 Gallery, Gordon Dennis  22 Sep 1967Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I11363
15 Groves, Marion Elizabeth  27 Oct 1913Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I89132
16 Groves, Richard Newland  24 Sep 1911Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I89131
17 MacDougall, Zilla  27 Jul 1902Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I89059
18 Padget, Lucie Elizabeth  18 Oct 1905Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I11322
19 Padget, William Padget  23 May 1956Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I11458
20 Padget, William Paul  5 May 1938Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I11410
21 Palmer, Harriet Sackett  16 Jan 1913Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I89071
22 Palmer, Joseph Coolidge M.D.  28 May 1875Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I89068
23 Pierce, Clark  24 Jan 1856Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I38328
24 Pinkney, Frances  8 Oct 1860Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I82181
25 Sedgwick, Dora Gannet  13 Aug 1864Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I161450
26 Smith, Lilly A.  Oct 1875Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I43366
27 Steele, George Thomas  26 Oct 1945Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I11354
28 Stone, Anita Buttrick  20 Jun 1914Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I89066
29 Stone, Carolyn Babcock  7 Sep 1908Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I89065
30 Stone, Charlotte  21 Apr 1906Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I89064
31 Stone, Charlotte Buttrick  9 Jun 1873Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I74733
32 Stone, Clarence Linwood Jr.  9 Aug 1917Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I89299
33 Stone, Harold  19 Oct 1878Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I89060
34 Stone, Raymond Dunning  17 Dec 1914Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I87410
35 Stone, Zilla Rhoda  10 Mar 1885Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I89067
36 Warntz, Adrian Adams  27 Mar 1940Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I11408
37 Whipple, Clarence Morton  25 Aug 1870Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I38777
38 Whipple, Elizabeth Burton  8 Nov 1908Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I38781
39 Whipple, Frances Adelle  6 Jul 1860Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I110427
40 Whipple, Frederick Eli  22 Jan 1864Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I153361
41 Whipple, George Mason  21 Sep 1867Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I153372


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rita P.  2 Mar 1994Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I162199
2 Bosworth, Dallas D.  8 Jul 1957Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I131369
3 Deming, Lucius Parmenias Jr.  16 Mar 1930Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I37066
4 Dennis, John Rhodes II  1 Oct 2016Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I150484
5 Fitzgerald, Rose Mary  1 Jun 2004Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I161316
6 Goodfellow, Phebe  4 Mar 1883Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I63183
7 Hart, Florina Sarah  30 Jul 1958Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I47977
8 Hazard, Frederick Rowland  27 Feb 1917Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I161449
9 Hoffman, Leonard Rufus Jr.  9 Apr 2018Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I132061
10 Holden, Jonathan  14 Jun 1967Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I69877
11 Lapham, William Albert  23 Jun 1922Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I105749
12 Masters, Elizabeth Tuller  14 May 1999Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I163135
13 Olney, Andrew H.  Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I63212
14 Olney, Clifford  Jul 1966Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I62308
15 Olney, Jeremiah C. "Jerry"  29 Mar 1883Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I63182
16 Olney, Nathan W.  1910Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I63208
17 Olney, Ophelia Ann  26 Dec 1891Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I63189
18 Olney, Timothy P.  Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I63200
19 Olney, William B.  1871Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I63184
20 Padget, Henry  25 Jan 1976Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I11324
21 Padget, Mary Jean  12 May 1966Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I11323
22 Padget, William Paul  14 Mar 1978Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I11410
23 Smith, Satira Augusta  7 Aug 1926Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I37064
24 Steele, Alister (Alexander) Watt Donald  15 Apr 1967Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I11332
25 Stone, Clarence Linwood Jr.  26 Aug 1982Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I89299
26 Stone, Clarence W.  7 Sep 1916Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I88318
27 Swift, Rodney M. Lyon  19 Nov 1997Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I163136
28 Warntz, Adrian Adams  6 Jan 1966Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I11408
29 Whipple, Calvin  27 Mar 1882Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I36946
30 Whipple, Isaac Ross  23 Aug 1951Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I15035
31 Whipple, Loisa  13 Nov 1880Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I95453


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bacon, Edwin  Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I37392


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bacon / Ballou  11 Jan 1857Syracuse, Onondaga, New York F18055
2 Bradish / Stone  17 Mar 1852Syracuse, Onondaga, New York F23347
3 Burlingame / Sedgwick  24 May 1879Syracuse, Onondaga, New York F42927
4 Deming / Whipple  7 Sep 1885Syracuse, Onondaga, New York F45089
5 Evans / Hart  16 Mar 1909Syracuse, Onondaga, New York F22318
6 MacDougall / Stone  22 Dec 1898Syracuse, Onondaga, New York F32308
7 Palmer / Stone  6 May 1909Syracuse, Onondaga, New York F37750
8 Pierce / Ballou  2 May 1851Syracuse, Onondaga, New York F18052
9 Stone / Babcock  16 Jun 1904Syracuse, Onondaga, New York F37748
10 Whipple / Seelye  Mar 1916Syracuse, Onondaga, New York F2646
11 Whipple / Trible  Jul 1935Syracuse, Onondaga, New York F17885

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