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Latitude: 34.2542084, Longitude: -110.0298327


Latitude: 34.2542084, Longitude: -110.0298327


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adair, Dagbert Moroni  8 Mar 1888Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I114513
2 Adair, Edson J.  4 Dec 1886Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I114522
3 Bilby, Blanche Walrade  22 Apr 1887Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8900
4 Flake, John Taylor  29 Mar 1909Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8949
5 Flake, Mary  12 Apr 1906Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8947
6 Flake, Theodore Lawrence  10 Apr 1907Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8948
7 Hansen, Rick E.  6 Jul 1966Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I116522
8 Jarvis, Edith  1 Jan 1915Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9113
9 Jarvis, Erma  21 Jul 1920Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9115
10 Jarvis, Eva  6 Feb 1922Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9116
11 Jarvis, Grant Stanley  31 Jan 1918Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9114
12 Jarvis, Jesse Rulon Jr.  15 Feb 1909Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9110
13 Jarvis, Marvin Earl  24 Nov 1910Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9111
14 Jarvis, Oliver Temple  13 Feb 1913Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9112
15 Lewis, Willard Harding  5 May 1916Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9123
16 Merrill, Josephine  28 Mar 1896Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9108
17 Penrod, Vilate Basmuth  10 Feb 1889Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I115205
18 Penrod, Woolford Lee  23 Jun 1912Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I115209
19 Stratton, Loren Vaughn  9 Nov 1929Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I117059
20 Tanner, Phyllis  3 Oct 1930Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9012
21 Whipple, Alzada  5 Apr 1899Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9028
22 Whipple, Ammon Mishic  14 Dec 1897Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8936
23 Whipple, Annie Julia  31 Jan 1902Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9029
24 Whipple, Boyce Willard  31 Jan 1917Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I96982
25 Whipple, Charles Chester  16 Oct 1906Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9031
26 Whipple, Columbus  29 Feb 1896Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8935
27 Whipple, Ecco  20 Apr 1909Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8942
28 Whipple, Elizabeth  18 Jul 1883Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I188
29 Whipple, Flora  3 Sep 1920Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I96975
30 Whipple, Forrest Floyd  31 Mar 1903Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8939
31 Whipple, Genevieve  1 Jun 1912Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I97738
32 Whipple, Grace  12 Mar 1922Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I96977
33 Whipple, Harriet  23 Mar 1890Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9025
34 Whipple, Howard Eugene  5 Jan 1909Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9032
35 Whipple, Hugh  26 Apr 1905Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8940
36 Whipple, John Lowell  9 Mar 1894Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8934
37 Whipple, Joseph  29 Aug 1885Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9022
38 Whipple, Joseph Edson  27 Apr 1888Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8931
39 Whipple, Laura Walrade  31 May 1895Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9026
40 Whipple, Lavinia Goss  25 Aug 1886Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8930
41 Whipple, Lester twin  3 Mar 1911Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8943
42 Whipple, Levi Lisk  29 Apr 1892Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8933
43 Whipple, Lorna  11 Sep 1940Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9197
44 Whipple, Lucille  20 Oct 1923Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I96979
45 Whipple, Lydia Emma  16 Feb 1887Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9023
46 Whipple, Lyle twin  3 Mar 1911Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8944
47 Whipple, Melvin Floyd  15 Jun 1911Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9034
48 Whipple, Milton Lloyd  15 Jun 1911Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9033
49 Whipple, Nancy  3 Jun 1892Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8277
50 Whipple, Noma  13 May 1918Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I96971

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Lewis, William Henry  18 Feb 1958Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8278
2 McCleve, Rufus Lester  22 Aug 1992Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8280
3 McFate, Rowena Celestia  8 Jul 1942Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I3088
4 Merrill, Josephine  18 Oct 1981Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9108
5 Oliver, Emma Melissa  29 Aug 1948Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I3089
6 Stratton, Barbara Lynn  28 Apr 2012Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I117238
7 Whipple, Colleen  18 Feb 2006Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I96983
8 Whipple, Edson Jr.  4 Apr 1933Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I3080
9 Whipple, Gerry Wendell twin  29 Oct 2012Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I117356
10 Whipple, Howard Eugene  5 Sep 1964Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9032
11 Whipple, Hyrum Hanford  17 Jul 1949Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I184
12 Whipple, Joseph  29 Aug 1885Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9022
13 Whipple, Joseph Edson  5 Sep 1948Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8931
14 Whipple, Laura Walrade  7 Jun 1897Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9026
15 Whipple, Lester twin  3 Aug 1911Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8943
16 Whipple, Nancy  16 Mar 1971Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8277
17 Whipple, Oliver  30 Jan 1898Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9027
18 Whipple, Orson Temple  25 Aug 1964Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9030
19 Whipple, Willard  5 Apr 1941Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I3081


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Jarvis, Jesse Rulon  14 Jun 1960Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9109
2 Lewis, William Henry  21 Feb 1958Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8278
3 Linn, Marion David "Dutch"  7 Sep 1966Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9166
4 McCleve, Rufus Lester  25 Aug 1992Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8280
5 Merrill, Josephine  Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9108
6 Oliver, Emma Melissa  1 Sep 1948Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I3089
7 Randall, Grace  18 Sep 1967Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9167
8 Tanner, Don Carlos  7 May 1979Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9011
9 Taylor, Violet  3 May 1957Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8988
10 Tenney, Ecco Effie  14 Jun 1914Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I198
11 Whipple, Annie Julia  11 Dec 1974Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9029
12 Whipple, Ecco  11 Apr 1973Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8942
13 Whipple, Harriet  Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9025
14 Whipple, Joseph Edson  7 Sep 1948Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8931
15 Whipple, N. E. D.  26 Mar 1976Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8991
16 Whipple, Nancy  20 Mar 1971Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I8277
17 Whipple, Orson Temple  27 Aug 1964Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9030
18 Whipple, Vilate  11 Jul 1897Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I183
19 Whipple, Willard  8 Apr 1941Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I3081
20 Whipple, Willard Jr.  22 Dec 1949Show Low, Navajo, Arizona I9024


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adair / Parks  28 Feb 1911Show Low, Navajo, Arizona F46299
2 Flake / Whipple  20 Jan 1904Show Low, Navajo, Arizona F5041
3 Jarvis / Whipple  15 Sep 1908Show Low, Navajo, Arizona F5118
4 Penrod / Whipple  17 Jul 1885Show Low, Navajo, Arizona F170
5 Whipple / Merrill  10 Jul 1916Show Low, Navajo, Arizona F5117
6 Whipple / Oliver  23 Sep 1884Show Low, Navajo, Arizona F1717
7 Whipple / Randall  28 Aug 1926Show Low, Navajo, Arizona F5122
8 Whipple / Warner  29 Sep 1922Show Low, Navajo, Arizona F5043
9 Young / Stock  1 May 1891Show Low, Navajo, Arizona F5520
10 Young / Whipple  17 Dec 1912Show Low, Navajo, Arizona F5515

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