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Rochester, Monroe, New York



Latitude: 43.1610300, Longitude: -77.6109219


Latitude: 43.1610300, Longitude: -77.6109219


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Angell, Harriet Adelaide  19 Sep 1845Rochester, Monroe, New York I86764
2 Benson, Hannah  1705Rochester, Monroe, New York I45133
3 Bruce, Donald  Abt 1900Rochester, Monroe, New York I160221
4 Bush, James Smith  15 Jun 1825Rochester, Monroe, New York I131573
5 Colburn, Ella Jane  7 Apr 1853Rochester, Monroe, New York I134106
6 Colburn, Fanny Floretta  18 Jan 1852Rochester, Monroe, New York I134105
7 Colburn, Levi John  10 Jun 1860Rochester, Monroe, New York I134108
8 Gigliotti, Francis B. Sr.  12 Feb 1927Rochester, Monroe, New York I162292
9 Horr, Maurice William  1 Jan 1899Rochester, Monroe, New York I157276
10 Laird, Elenora C. "Nora"  13 Feb 1861Rochester, Monroe, New York I128153
11 Makee, William Henry  16 Aug 1840Rochester, Monroe, New York I101140
12 Matteson, Jihan or Virginia Ann  10 Jul 1942Rochester, Monroe, New York I48907
13 McKillop, John Edwin  1 Apr 1884Rochester, Monroe, New York I62087
14 Olney, Lottie A.  1869Rochester, Monroe, New York I64143
15 Perkins, Sophia E.  8 Jul 1842Rochester, Monroe, New York I124057
16 Saxton, Charlotte Hart  16 Jan 1826Rochester, Monroe, New York I56840
17 Shaffer, Monroe George  5 Jan 1948Rochester, Monroe, New York I34135
18 Smith, Harriet  12 May 1800Rochester, Monroe, New York I131532
19 Stone, Clara  18 Sep 1872Rochester, Monroe, New York I86770
20 Stone, George Henry  9 Sep 1868Rochester, Monroe, New York I86767
21 Stone, Howard E.  10 Apr 1913Rochester, Monroe, New York I88935
22 Usselman, Stella Catherine  Abt 1896Rochester, Monroe, New York I156364
23 Vogel, Philip Carey Jr.  13 May 1947Rochester, Monroe, New York I79359
24 Walzer, Doris Bell  Abt 1901Rochester, Monroe, New York I160220
25 Whipple, Alvin L.  14 Jan 1919Rochester, Monroe, New York I161749
26 Whipple, Arthur Paul  17 Jul 1901Rochester, Monroe, New York I47227
27 Whipple, Bruce Jay  4 Jul 1894Rochester, Monroe, New York I151473
28 Whipple, De Forest T.  4 May 1916Rochester, Monroe, New York I126814
29 Whipple, Eunice Janet  7 Feb 1926Rochester, Monroe, New York I156366
30 Whipple, Frances  4 May 1916Rochester, Monroe, New York I126815
31 Whipple, Helen Estelle  18 Dec 1905Rochester, Monroe, New York I47229
32 Whipple, Henry Oliver  9 Mar 1844Rochester, Monroe, New York I129032
33 Whipple, Lee E.  1923Rochester, Monroe, New York I158169
34 Whipple, Marion  Abt 1925Rochester, Monroe, New York I156365
35 Whipple, Mary  4 Aug 1913Rochester, Monroe, New York I126813


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Innis Palmer  25 Jul 1935Rochester, Monroe, New York I146269
2 Ament, Charles Philip  2 Jan 1947Rochester, Monroe, New York I99307
3 Andrus, Hannah C.  5 Feb 1916Rochester, Monroe, New York I86944
4 Angell, Harriet Adelaide  Jul 1908Rochester, Monroe, New York I86764
5 Ash, Eva A.  1 Sep 1910Rochester, Monroe, New York I99309
6 Babcock, Donald  28 Mar 1973Rochester, Monroe, New York I132850
7 Blackmar, Orrin  8 May 1897Rochester, Monroe, New York I121604
8 Brown, Hugh Hall  4 Oct 1863Rochester, Monroe, New York I70111
9 Culver, Caroline Cornelia  29 May 1892Rochester, Monroe, New York I29159
10 Davis, Sallie Bristol  25 Feb 1952Rochester, Monroe, New York I146270
11 Durfee, Estelle  6 Mar 1963Rochester, Monroe, New York I47226
12 Ely, Lorenzo Douglas  23 May 1881Rochester, Monroe, New York I29160
13 Evans, Sarah  4 Apr 1900Rochester, Monroe, New York I146268
14 Foster, Angeline Morse  Rochester, Monroe, New York I89719
15 Gigliotti, Francis B. Sr.  15 Feb 1999Rochester, Monroe, New York I162292
16 Hobbie, Ruth Contrell  7 Mar 1999Rochester, Monroe, New York I34133
17 Holtfoth, Mary C.  10 Nov 1930Rochester, Monroe, New York I139472
18 Loop, Alice May  Jan 1972Rochester, Monroe, New York I72545
19 Matteson, Willard Glen  29 Dec 1983Rochester, Monroe, New York I48891
20 Matthews, Margaret J.  21 Aug 1881Rochester, Monroe, New York I84241
21 Olney, Amasa R.  Rochester, Monroe, New York I64137
22 Place, James Reece  9 Mar 1965Rochester, Monroe, New York I34053
23 Randall, Lila May  5 Oct 1975Rochester, Monroe, New York I162284
24 Salisbury, Smith Hamilton  24 Jan 1832Rochester, Monroe, New York I107233
25 Sargent, James  Rochester, Monroe, New York I90038
26 Stone, Abigail  1 Jan 1867Rochester, Monroe, New York I67018
27 Stone, Draper  10 Feb 1894Rochester, Monroe, New York I81895
28 Stone, James Alden  20 Oct 1879Rochester, Monroe, New York I75107
29 Stone, Laura  28 Oct 1906Rochester, Monroe, New York I50527
30 Stone, Mortimer F.  5 Jul 1912Rochester, Monroe, New York I67216
31 Webster, Harrison Edwin Doctor, Professor  16 Jun 1906Rochester, Monroe, New York I73560
32 Wheeler, Irvine DeWitt  23 Nov 1984Rochester, Monroe, New York I34060
33 Whipple, Alonzo Dean  30 Apr 1927Rochester, Monroe, New York I151468
34 Whipple, Cordelia "Delia" A.  21 Feb 1892Rochester, Monroe, New York I99302
35 Whipple, Daniel Sawyer  19 Jan 1829Rochester, Monroe, New York I23950
36 Whipple, Earl R.  Feb 1974Rochester, Monroe, New York I72544
37 Whipple, Edward Gove Dr.  16 Aug 1970Rochester, Monroe, New York I96887
38 Whipple, George Hoyt  1 Feb 1976Rochester, Monroe, New York I7598
39 Whipple, Helen Estelle  1 Feb 1979Rochester, Monroe, New York I47229
40 Whipple, Mary Ellen  8 Jun 1947Rochester, Monroe, New York I34033
41 Whipple, Merrit Pendell  3 Oct 1936Rochester, Monroe, New York I42937
42 Whipple, Orlia "Lee"  Jan 1929Rochester, Monroe, New York I158167
43 Whipple, Orrell  1 Feb 1896Rochester, Monroe, New York I102183
44 Whipple, Twilla Mae  14 Oct 2001Rochester, Monroe, New York I162291
45 Wright, Abigail  10 May 1847Rochester, Monroe, New York I23952


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Shaffer, Monroe Ulysses  Rochester, Monroe, New York I34089


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bell / Johnson  27 Oct 1846Rochester, Monroe, New York F29370
2 Bruce / Walzer  10 Jun 1922Rochester, Monroe, New York F60729
3 Bush / Smith  8 Nov 1821Rochester, Monroe, New York F51723
4 Gigliotti / Whipple  7 Jun 1952Rochester, Monroe, New York F61313
5 Putnam /   26 Jun 1913Rochester, Monroe, New York F49701
6 Riffe / Bradish  25 May 1893Rochester, Monroe, New York F35084
7 Sibley / Saxton  12 Apr 1851Rochester, Monroe, New York F25729
8 Smith / Ely  11 Nov 1885Rochester, Monroe, New York F14659
9 Stone / Angell  19 Sep 1867Rochester, Monroe, New York F36870
10 Stone / Brown  13 May 1912Rochester, Monroe, New York F37632
11 Stone / Hobby  23 Dec 1885Rochester, Monroe, New York F36929
12 Weber / Dutcher  7 Aug 1916Rochester, Monroe, New York F17699
13 Webster / Adams  1 Jan 1907Rochester, Monroe, New York F31858
14 Whipple / Loop  8 Sep 1938Rochester, Monroe, New York F31477

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