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Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire



Latitude: 42.7511964, Longitude: -72.0098021


Latitude: 42.7511964, Longitude: -72.0098021


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bowers, James  19 Mar 1781Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I98340
2 Bowers, Nancy Mathilda  29 Nov 1823Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I98341
3 Brooks, Eda M.  19 Mar 1820Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I84426
4 Buswell, Mehitable  25 Jan 1787Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I73526
5 Faulkner, Sophia  28 Feb 1794Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I29785
6 Faulkner, Sukey  16 Mar 1799Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I29786
7 Faulkner, Susanna  26 Jun 1803Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I29787
8 Fenno  9 Mar 1847Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I75709
9 Fenno  31 Mar 1848Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I75710
10 Fenno, Eliza Stearns  24 Apr 1843Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I75707
11 Fenno, Isabel  1844Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I75708
12 Fenno, John Stiles  22 Nov 1814Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I75697
13 Fenno, Stephen  13 Apr 1816Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I75698
14 Fenno, Susan Helen  28 Apr 1841Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I75706
15 Fenno, Susan R.  21 Dec 1813Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I75701
16 Fenno, William Orville  25 Aug 1839Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I75705
17 Gould, Anna  5 Mar 1780Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I96044
18 Gould, Ebenezer  Jul 1781Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I96045
19 Hubbard, Abel  Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I65444
20 Hubbard, Columbus  Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I65445
21 Hubbard, Emerson  31 Mar 1803Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I65443
22 Hubbard, Jonathan  24 Mar 1773Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I65438
23 Hubbard, Luther  10 Dec 1798Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I65442
24 Hubbard, William  3 Feb 1797Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I65441
25 Rand, Polly  14 Mar 1790Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I96491
26 Reed, Hepsibeth  1793Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I65433
27 Reed, Joshua  1795Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I65434
28 Richards, Walter A.  Abt 1860Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I88041
29 Robbins, David A.  24 Jun 1810Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I69534
30 Robbins, Harlan S.  28 May 1848Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I69536
31 Robbins, Ostram A.  30 Jul 1845Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I69535
32 Robbins, Warren A.  18 Apr 1850Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I69537
33 Rugg, Nathan  14 Apr 1790Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I129886
34 Stiles, Eveline W.  Abt 1822Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I75704
35 Stiles, Hannah  1790Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I75026
36 Stone, Aaron  18 Dec 1803Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I77124
37 Stone, Amos Burnham  18 Feb 1822Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I73544
38 Stone, Ann M.  28 Apr 1832Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I73556
39 Stone, Artemas Woodward  5 Sep 1793Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I77120
40 Stone, Betsey  5 Jul 1795Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I77121
41 Stone, Charlotte  12 Nov 1774Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I65446
42 Stone, Cyrus  18 Jul 1811Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I73530
43 Stone, David  29 Apr 1768Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I48686
44 Stone, Doris Mary  16 May 1898Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I89206
45 Stone, Ede  28 Jul 1769Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I65367
46 Stone, Eli  2 Sep 1774Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I48689
47 Stone, Eli  7 Oct 1780Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I65453
48 Stone, Enoch twin  12 Jan 1779Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I48692
49 Stone, Enos twin  12 Jan 1779Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I48664
50 Stone, Eunice  25 Mar 1772Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I65436

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Gould, Ebenezer  21 Oct 1781Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I96045


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Sarah  18 Feb 1815Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I96490
2 Bowers, James  Abt 1835Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I98340
3 Crocker, David Rockwell Colonel  31 Mar 1992Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I123462
4 Darling, Amos  8 Oct 1846Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I65368
5 Faulkner, Jonas  24 Jun 1837Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I29782
6 Fenno, Susan R.  28 Apr 1843Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I75701
7 Page, Susanna  18 Jan 1820Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I65363
8 Rand, Solomon  27 Apr 1827Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I95925
9 Reed, James  7 Oct 1832Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I65430
10 Stone, Charlotte  11 Mar 1790Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I65446
11 Stone, Ede  16 Feb 1856Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I65367
12 Stone, Eunice  7 Apr 1818Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I73533
13 Stone, Lucy  7 Apr 1776Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I48688
14 Stone, Salmon Captain  4 Oct 1831Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I28759
15 Stone, Susanna  11 May 1840Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire I65429


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Darling / Stone  19 Oct 1787Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire F28848
2 Fenno / Stone  May 1834Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire F28871
3 Hubbard / Stone  28 Oct 1796Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire F28877
4 Morse / Whipple  14 Sep 1932Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire F13976
5 Reed / Stone  29 Nov 1792Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire F28870
6 Stone / Buswell  14 Jul 1807Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire F28883
7 Whitmore / Stone  2 Jun 1808Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire F28884

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