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Preston, New London, Connecticut



Latitude: 41.5224785, Longitude: -72.0112598


Latitude: 41.5224785, Longitude: -72.0112598


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Averill, Gideon  6 Feb 1792Preston, New London, Connecticut I80617
2 Averill, William L.  1748Preston, New London, Connecticut I80590
3 Branch, Anne  17 Feb 1733Preston, New London, Connecticut I120098
4 Bromley, Frances Maria  23 Dec 1822Preston, New London, Connecticut I129355
5 Brown, Alexander  11 Sep 1810Preston, New London, Connecticut I8025
6 Claridge, Alice Minerva  2 Aug 1864Preston, New London, Connecticut I118715
7 Cogswell, Lydia  19 May 1730Preston, New London, Connecticut I39901
8 Davis, Zachary Taylor  5 Nov 1848Preston, New London, Connecticut I75874
9 Fisher, John  29 Dec 1755Preston, New London, Connecticut I73742
10 Gates, Elisha  7 Aug 1772Preston, New London, Connecticut I120095
11 Gates, Eunice  Abt 1745Preston, New London, Connecticut I10263
12 Gates, Hepzibah  24 Dec 1765Preston, New London, Connecticut I13511
13 Gates, Isaac  28 Dec 1701Preston, New London, Connecticut I14663
14 Gates, Joshua  3 Nov 1728Preston, New London, Connecticut I120097
15 Gates, Lovica  7 Feb 1768Preston, New London, Connecticut I119411
16 Gates, Lydia  Abt 1761Preston, New London, Connecticut I70552
17 Gates, Nehemiah  15 May 1748Preston, New London, Connecticut I123436
18 Gates, Stephen  Abt 1694Preston, New London, Connecticut I131040
19 Gates, Susanna  30 Apr 1749Preston, New London, Connecticut I14661
20 Gates, Thomas Corporal  16 Aug 1720Preston, New London, Connecticut I30184
21 Gore, Mercy  10 Feb 1743Preston, New London, Connecticut I41163
22 Grant, William  25 May 1811Preston, New London, Connecticut I130994
23 Hall, Joseph Henry  31 Aug 1869Preston, New London, Connecticut I92039
24 Harris, Robert  12 Dec 1766Preston, New London, Connecticut I90502
25 Howard, Mary E.  Abt 1822Preston, New London, Connecticut I76260
26 Kilham, Hepsibah  Preston, New London, Connecticut I36605
27 Kimball, David  20 May 1763Preston, New London, Connecticut I14728
28 Kimball, Jacob Jr.  1 Dec 1735Preston, New London, Connecticut I36604
29 Kimball, Jesse  19 Mar 1760Preston, New London, Connecticut I95916
30 Kimball, John  12 Dec 1731Preston, New London, Connecticut I36575
31 Kimball, Nathan  8 Mar 1732Preston, New London, Connecticut I14715
32 Kimball, Nathan Jr.  10 Dec 1767Preston, New London, Connecticut I14730
33 Kimball, Prosper  22 Jul 1769Preston, New London, Connecticut I14731
34 Kimball, Sarah  22 Jan 1765Preston, New London, Connecticut I14729
35 Kimball, Ziphora  17 Feb 1756Preston, New London, Connecticut I14724
36 Kinne, Alexander  13 Oct 1765Preston, New London, Connecticut I23562
37 Larabee, Willet  5 Dec 1705Preston, New London, Connecticut I94220
38 Mitchell, Eunice or Unice  Preston, New London, Connecticut I654
39 Mowry, Grace E.  20 Oct 1874Preston, New London, Connecticut I145767
40 Mowry, Hallie B.  16 Dec 1872Preston, New London, Connecticut I145766
41 Parke, Prudence  14 Oct 1706Preston, New London, Connecticut I14704
42 Partridge, Deborah  28 Apr 1717Preston, New London, Connecticut I86186
43 Phillips, Benjamin Joseph  7 Nov 1898Preston, New London, Connecticut I57083
44 Phillips, Clara Gerrish  2 Jun 1903Preston, New London, Connecticut I57091
45 Phillips, Francis Louise  3 Jun 1907Preston, New London, Connecticut I57093
46 Phillips, Viola Bernicie  28 May 1905Preston, New London, Connecticut I54889
47 Rix, Deborah  Abt 23 Dec 1772Preston, New London, Connecticut I50206
48 Rix, Elizabeth  9 Oct 1768Preston, New London, Connecticut I50204
49 Rix, Eunice  3 Jul 1765Preston, New London, Connecticut I12676
50 Rix, George  18 Jul 1774Preston, New London, Connecticut I50207

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Sylvia  4 Feb 1968Preston, New London, Connecticut I131004
2 Avery, Amos Geer  25 Feb 1960Preston, New London, Connecticut I92079
3 Beckwith, Robert O.  21 Dec 2007Preston, New London, Connecticut I114657
4 Browne, John  Preston, New London, Connecticut I119367
5 Chapman, Laurence Daniel  25 Feb 1970Preston, New London, Connecticut I21352
6 Gagne, Arthur  2 Dec 1949Preston, New London, Connecticut I92936
7 Gates, Isaac  16 Aug 1788Preston, New London, Connecticut I14663
8 Gates, Thomas  10 Aug 1726Preston, New London, Connecticut I86184
9 Goodhue, Sarah  Aft 1726Preston, New London, Connecticut I6072
10 Grant, William  28 May 1890Preston, New London, Connecticut I130994
11 Howard, Ellis Emmons Brooks  7 Aug 1962Preston, New London, Connecticut I117593
12 Killam or Kilham, John  Sep 1753Preston, New London, Connecticut I14708
13 Kimball, David  1776Preston, New London, Connecticut I14696
14 Kimball, Isaac  24 Aug 1749Preston, New London, Connecticut I14698
15 Kimball, Jacob  4 May 1788Preston, New London, Connecticut I14699
16 Kimball, John  4 May 1761Preston, New London, Connecticut I12671
17 Kimball, Lydia  9 Apr 1822Preston, New London, Connecticut I50023
18 Kimball, Nathan  4 Jun 1811Preston, New London, Connecticut I14715
19 Kimball, Prosper  18 Oct 1836Preston, New London, Connecticut I14731
20 Maffried, Sarah  4 Sep 1760Preston, New London, Connecticut I14664
21 Parke, Thomas  30 Jul 1709Preston, New London, Connecticut I1247
22 Partridge, Deborah  22 May 1745Preston, New London, Connecticut I86186
23 Rix, Theophilus  19 May 1821Preston, New London, Connecticut I50021
24 Rix, Thomas  10 Oct 1771Preston, New London, Connecticut I50019
25 Safford, John  29 May 1736Preston, New London, Connecticut I734
26 Wade, Nelson Allen or Allie  21 Oct 1946Preston, New London, Connecticut I79133
27 Watrous, Cynthia Violet  29 Apr 1966Preston, New London, Connecticut I21369
28 Watrous, Lucille Olivia  23 Jul 1965Preston, New London, Connecticut I26035
29 Whipple, Emerson  31 Mar 1976Preston, New London, Connecticut I30355
30 Whipple, Paul A.  29 Jan 1957Preston, New London, Connecticut I49705
31 Young, Abner Seth  29 Mar 1938Preston, New London, Connecticut I148730


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Averill / Whipple  20 Jan 1779Preston, New London, Connecticut F34456
2 Gates / Partridge  31 Aug 1733Preston, New London, Connecticut F7970
3 Gates / Perkins  29 Jul 1765Preston, New London, Connecticut F7971
4 Kimball / Parke  13 May 1729Preston, New London, Connecticut F7986
5 Kimball / Rix  13 Feb 1754Preston, New London, Connecticut F7997
6 Kimball / Sanders  21 Sep 1752Preston, New London, Connecticut F17669
7 Kinne / Kimball  12 Feb 1792Preston, New London, Connecticut F8001
8 Larabee / Clarke  Feb 1724/1725Preston, New London, Connecticut F39560
9 Rix / Hutchinson  23 Jun 1808Preston, New London, Connecticut F23171
10 Rix / Kimball  13 Dec 1762Preston, New London, Connecticut F7189
11 Rix / Tracy  26 Jun 1718Preston, New London, Connecticut F7190
12 Stanton / Gates  22 May 1785Preston, New London, Connecticut F47865
13 Whipple / Corning  17 Oct 1825Preston, New London, Connecticut F47620
14 Wilbur / Kimball  Preston, New London, Connecticut F8005

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