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Malone, Franklin, New York



Latitude: 44.8486596, Longitude: -74.2948983


Latitude: 44.8486596, Longitude: -74.2948983


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ames, Laura Jean  4 Oct 1915Malone, Franklin, New York I126817
2 Ames, Willard H.  1876Malone, Franklin, New York I96889
3 DeLane, Nelson H.  6 Jul 1838Malone, Franklin, New York I88641
4 Holmes, Delia A.  16 Jan 1820Malone, Franklin, New York I9683
5 Hyde, Carolyn Mary  23 Mar 1928Malone, Franklin, New York I108320
6 Hyde, George Albert  2 Sep 1926Malone, Franklin, New York I108317
7 King, Chester Albon  15 Mar 1841Malone, Franklin, New York I162559
8 Pelaw, Mary  1857Malone, Franklin, New York I109455
9 Seeley, Nahum P.  Abt 1848Malone, Franklin, New York I148886
10 Thompson, Fannie  Abt 1861Malone, Franklin, New York I73733
11 Westcott, Caroline June  25 Mar 1814Malone, Franklin, New York I108661
12 Whipple, Abner  24 Sep 1807Malone, Franklin, New York I123524
13 Whipple, Charles Richardson  22 Sep 1889Malone, Franklin, New York I96890
14 Whipple, David M.  6 Oct 1837Malone, Franklin, New York I108656
15 Whipple, Edith Alice  23 Jan 1932Malone, Franklin, New York I6835
16 Whipple, Edward Gove Dr.  18 Jun 1882Malone, Franklin, New York I96887
17 Whipple, Frances Meigs  31 Dec 1884Malone, Franklin, New York I96888
18 Whipple, Fred Harvey  17 Apr 1881Malone, Franklin, New York I125951
19 Whipple, George Jacob Jr.  8 Apr 1887Malone, Franklin, New York I106572
20 Whipple, George Whiting  10 Jun 1928Malone, Franklin, New York I106574
21 Whipple, Guy Foster  5 Feb 1882Malone, Franklin, New York I35160
22 Whipple, Harriet E.  9 Apr 1834Malone, Franklin, New York I110161
23 Whipple, Howard Thompson  22 Jan 1879Malone, Franklin, New York I96886
24 Whipple, Louis Whiting  9 Jul 1848Malone, Franklin, New York I6839
25 Whipple, Margaret Jane or Jane M.  7 Apr 1840Malone, Franklin, New York I110163
26 Whipple, Mary Isabella  8 Mar 1877Malone, Franklin, New York I33963
27 Whipple, Mathew A.  20 May 1849Malone, Franklin, New York I110164
28 Whipple, Matthew  1811Malone, Franklin, New York I143285
29 Whipple, Robert A.  14 Nov 1835Malone, Franklin, New York I110162
30 Whipple, Sybil  16 May 1791Malone, Franklin, New York I117902
31 Whipple, William John  1881Malone, Franklin, New York I33980
32 Whipple, William Wallace  20 Sep 1834Malone, Franklin, New York I142857
33 Winchester, David  10 Oct 1810Malone, Franklin, New York I117904
34 Winchester, Orpha Elvira  10 May 1842Malone, Franklin, New York I162558


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Sophia  3 Jun 1873Malone, Franklin, New York I152605
2 Blanchard, Elvira  1892Malone, Franklin, New York I117905
3 Blanchard, Sarah  8 Mar 1894Malone, Franklin, New York I102210
4 Currier, Alonzo or Alphonso  20 Aug 1903Malone, Franklin, New York I102922
5 Holmes, Delia A.  2 Jun 1856Malone, Franklin, New York I9683
6 Hyde, Carolyn Mary  23 Mar 1928Malone, Franklin, New York I108320
7 Shepherd, Sophia  24 Jun 1842Malone, Franklin, New York I102211
8 Thompson, Mary Allison  1928Malone, Franklin, New York I73732
9 Whipple, David K.  16 Oct 2010Malone, Franklin, New York I106575
10 Whipple, George Jacob Jr.  16 Aug 1888Malone, Franklin, New York I106572
11 Whipple, George Jacob  6 Oct 1929Malone, Franklin, New York I73731
12 Whipple, George Whiting  26 Feb 1971Malone, Franklin, New York I106574
13 Whipple, Harvey  20 Jan 1872Malone, Franklin, New York I9677
14 Whipple, Louis Whiting  17 Jun 1920Malone, Franklin, New York I6839
15 Whipple, Mary Isabella  13 Jul 1918Malone, Franklin, New York I33963
16 Whipple, Nathan Melvin  9 May 1890Malone, Franklin, New York I33958
17 Whipple, Oliver W.  3 May 1888Malone, Franklin, New York I6840
18 Whipple, Sybil  13 Jan 1813Malone, Franklin, New York I117902
19 Wilmarth, Ruth Lee  2 Sep 1973Malone, Franklin, New York I130095
20 Woodward, Ruth Amelia  3 Mar 1926Malone, Franklin, New York I33959


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chipman / Whipple  25 Dec 1814Malone, Franklin, New York F42341
2 Hyde / Salls  30 May 1924Malone, Franklin, New York F44372
3 Jackson / Whipple  8 Oct 1835Malone, Franklin, New York F42337
4 King / Winchester  5 Sep 1866Malone, Franklin, New York F61555
5 Salls / Whipple  18 Jan 1899Malone, Franklin, New York F16685
6 Seeley / Whipple  6 Jan 1847Malone, Franklin, New York F42349
7 Watkins / Whipple  18 Apr 1861Malone, Franklin, New York F42339
8 Whipple /   23 Aug 1820Malone, Franklin, New York F49017
9 Whipple /   2 Mar 1857Malone, Franklin, New York F42345
10 Whipple / Thompson  1912Malone, Franklin, New York F40640
11 Williamson / Whipple  4 Oct 1848Malone, Franklin, New York F42347
12 Winchester / Blanchard  19 Oct 1836Malone, Franklin, New York F47455

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