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Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts



Latitude: 41.7014912, Longitude: -71.1550451


Latitude: 41.7014912, Longitude: -71.1550451


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Mary Jane  1828Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I68072
2 Borden, Sarah A.  Abt Aug 1853Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111923
3 Brightman, Mary Jane  17 May 1817Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I22031
4 Butterfield, Lucia Bijou  11 May 1883Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I141257
5 Crankshaw, Mabel Blossom  27 May 1900Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I23514
6 Dexter, Andrew Jackson  1845Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I68098
7 Driscoll, Mary  Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I138713
8 Fenner, George Arthur  3 May 1892Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I141258
9 Fenner, Joseph Almy  4 Nov 1884Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I141256
10 Fernley, Jessie M.  Oct 1865Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I143719
11 Goodman, Hattie Jane  5 Aug 1861Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I83459
12 Greenwood, Mary Ann  6 Dec 1874Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I162553
13 Heald, Henrietta Harrison  8 Jun 1865Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I160183
14 Hooper, Allegretto Elizabeth  16 Jul 1876Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I73167
15 Hooper, Charles E.  7 Feb 1848Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I73161
16 Hooper, Emma Eloise  14 Dec 1850Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I73170
17 Hooper, Mary Foster Kimball  15 Mar 1857Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I73173
18 Hooper, Mary Hannah  18 Dec 1885Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I73168
19 Hooper, Sarah Marie  7 Jul 1891Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I73169
20 Hooper, William Alderson  29 Jul 1873Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I73165
21 Hull, Elizabeth Linds  1838Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I128423
22 James, Catherine  Abt 1853Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I24160
23 Johnson, Clarissa Harlow  Abt 1841Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I59611
24 Luther, Susan Hughes  26 May 1787Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I18015
25 McKeon, Elizabeth Frances  Abt 27 Dec 1825Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I79568
26 Olney, Abby E.  16 Jun 1840Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I65818
27 Olney, Annie Dean  30 Aug 1850Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I65825
28 Olney, James H.  9 Nov 1835Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I65815
29 Olney, Josephine  7 Aug 1830Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I65813
30 Robinson, William M.  Abt 1830Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111909
31 Stone, Laura Linfield  24 Mar 1886Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I83463
32 Stone, Roy Davenport  26 Mar 1881Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I83462
33 Thurston, Anthony  13 Mar 1837Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I105606
34 Thurston, Anthony Mason  28 May 1891Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I143722
35 Thurston, Edward  Abt 1804Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I105607
36 Thurston, Frank Anthony  5 Mar 1864Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I105609
37 Thurston, John Mason  Feb 1868Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I105611
38 Thurston, Marion F.  24 May 1896Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I143729
39 Waterman, Angenette  4 Feb 1843Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111914
40 Waterman, Frederick Ellsworth  Jan 1861Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111924
41 Waterman, Frederick Ellsworth Jr.  7 Aug 1887Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111926
42 Waterman, Jane A.  Abt 1845Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111915
43 Waterman, John B.  7 Jan 1893Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111928
44 Waterman, John B. Jr.  27 Mar 1921Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111932
45 Waterman, Martha G.  Abt 1926Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111934
46 Waterman, Mary E.  Abt 1924Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111933
47 Waterman, Nicholas  Jun 1850Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111922
48 Waterman, Nicholas Sheldon  19 Nov 1890Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111927
49 Waterman, Sarah Sheldon  31 Aug 1840Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111913
50 Westgate, Charles L.  Abt 1868Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111917

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Borden, Sarah A.  25 Apr 1874Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111923
2 Bowles, Daisy E.  30 Apr 1898Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I105610
3 Canedy, William "Squire"  6 Apr 1855Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I18006
4 Capron, Mary Ann  10 Apr 1893Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I143713
5 Curtis, William Elmer  19 Jun 1944Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I135193
6 Dexter, Ebenezer Knight  27 Feb 1936Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I133570
7 Fenner, George A.  14 Sep 1892Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I141259
8 Fenner, Henry Greene  19 Mar 1890Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I141250
9 Fenner, Henry Smith  2 Jan 1907Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I141225
10 Fenner, Joseph Almy  26 Nov 1971Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I141256
11 Frankland, Earl Miller  11 Sep 1983Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I155869
12 Herreshoff, Natalie Warren  19 May 2002Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I143088
13 Herreshoff, Norman Francis  6 Aug 1990Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I143102
14 Hooper, Salmon  21 Mar 1877Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I73158
15 Linfield, Eliza B.  8 Oct 1901Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I83450
16 Lothrop, Arthur Prescott 2nd  18 Oct 1991Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I46063
17 Luther, Susan Hughes  29 Mar 1858Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I18015
18 Mason, Sarah  14 Mar 1886Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I105608
19 Milne, Mary Jane  2 Sep 1935Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I141226
20 Orswell, Rhoda  28 Mar 1888Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I134718
21 Raymond, Albert A.  10 Apr 1881Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I143731
22 Reilly, Margaret Alice  5 Apr 1983Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I46079
23 Smith, Laura Amy  14 Mar 1890Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I141249
24 Stone, William Holden  24 Jun 1899Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I73151
25 Thurston, Anthony  6 Sep 1894Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I105606
26 Thurston, Edward  2 Jan 1881Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I105607
27 Thurston, Frank Anthony  24 Sep 1912Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I105609
28 Waterman, Angenette  Aft Jun 1880Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111914
29 Waterman, Frederick Ellsworth  14 May 1909Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111924
30 Waterman, Jane A.  Aft Apr 1910Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111915
31 Waterman, John Bowen  17 Aug 1866Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111907
32 Waterman, Nicholas  1907Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111922
33 Waterman, Nicholas Sheldon  Between 1870 and 1880Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I78755
34 Waterman, Sarah Sheldon  15 Dec 1875Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111913
35 Waterman, Susan A.  Aft 1930Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I111908
36 Whipple, Clark  1 Nov 1872Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I105605
37 Whipple, Mary A.  2 Aug 1898Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I143730
38 Wilcox, Sarah B.  Jun 1901Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I78756


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Humphrey, Irving Durfee  24 Jun 1944Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts I136885


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Canedy / Luther  12 Oct 1806Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts F9644
2 Davis / Stone  31 Jan 1889Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts F35727
3 Farnum / James  16 Nov 1876Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts F12476
4 Raymond / Whipple  11 Dec 1873Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts F55743
5 Robinson / Waterman  18 Sep 1866Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts F45637
6 Stone / Goodman  29 Apr 1879Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts F35725
7 Thurston / Bowles  17 Sep 1889Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts F43525
8 Thurston / Bowles  9 Jun 1904Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts F43526
9 Thurston / Fernley  18 Mar 1890Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts F43528
10 Thurston / Whipple  1 Jun 1858Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts F43521
11 Waterman /   1886Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts F45642
12 Waterman / Borden  21 Dec 1871Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts F45640
13 Westgate / Waterman  17 Jun 1868Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts F45639
14 Williams / Holdridge  25 Jul 1914Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts F39195

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