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Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire



Latitude: 43.3728635, Longitude: -72.3378744


Latitude: 43.3728635, Longitude: -72.3378744


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alden, Esther  19 Mar 1781Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I75086
2 Andrews, Horatio Nelson  Jun 1806Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I62230
3 Cleveland, Clara E.  16 May 1861Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I62338
4 Dole, Hermin E.  Abt 1874Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I159526
5 Dole, Levi Rawson  24 Mar 1847Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I159527
6 Fenoff, Marsha Ann  9 Mar 1943Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I156458
7 Fitch, Henry  Abt 1832Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I124963
8 Fitch, Henry H.  27 Jun 1834Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I124964
9 Jones, Elizabeth Ann  13 Oct 1825Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I20384
10 Jones, Royce  28 Oct 1784Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I20383
11 Leete, Levi  1768Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I61940
12 Leete, Marenda  Abt Mar 1798Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I61944
13 Leete, Rachel  11 Mar 1781Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I62187
14 Leland, Hastings  1817Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I123583
15 Lewis, Seth W.  Abt 1806Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I69171
16 Mailey, John  11 Mar 1883Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I98794
17 Miner, Caroline L.  29 Mar 1838Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4498
18 Nye, Elizabeth Armington  20 May 1817Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I85827
19 Olney, Ada M.  16 Jul 1896Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I62343
20 Olney, Catharine A.  3 Dec 1885Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I62347
21 Olney, Curtis C.  19 May 1889Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I62339
22 Olney, Ida A.  25 Mar 1895Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I62352
23 Olney, Julia Hanna  17 Aug 1887Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I62349
24 Olney, Richard A.  27 Jul 1857Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I62337
25 Olney, Viola Jane Grace  25 Jul 1897Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I62354
26 Pettegrew, Emma  20 Sep 1866Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I83871
27 Putnam, Clarissa Matilda  Jan 1818Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7463
28 Putnam, Hannah  Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7464
29 Putnam, Zelotes  2 Mar 1784Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4121
30 Stone  Abt 1789Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I74935
31 Stone, Arethusa  Dec 1791Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I74937
32 Stone, Azariah  27 Feb 1793Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I74939
33 Stone, Betsey  Abt 1788Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I74928
34 Stone, David  Abt 1795Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I74936
35 Stone, Esther  16 Jan 1797Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I74945
36 Stone, John Colonel  15 Jan 1775Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I35536
37 Stone, Joseph  1 Jul 1777Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I35537
38 Stone, Laura A.  5 Sep 1802Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I75093
39 Stone, Nathaniel  Abt 1787Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I74930
40 Stone, Samuel  4 Oct 1785Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I74927
41 Stone, Susanna  1783Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I74925
42 Walker, Marietta twin  6 Dec 1828Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I159803
43 Whipple, Leonard Elmer  14 Jul 1919Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I118299
44 Whipple, Lois A.  20 Sep 1874Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4500
45 Whipple, Norman A. "Norm"  28 Jan 1923Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I157221
46 Whitney, Sarah Jane  1827Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7632
47 Wilson, Catharine  Abt 1820Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I62336


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Arthur Enoch  4 Mar 1903Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I39174
2 Bailey, Clyde Johnson  3 Feb 1965Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I39177
3 Cobb, Melissa B.  25 Sep 1881Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I126028
4 Colburn, Madelene Ruth "Maddy"  16 Jan 2013Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I157222
5 Cram, Maria Severance  1934Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I32738
6 Durkee, Dianthe  25 Mar 1893Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I36827
7 Farrar, Lydia  17 Aug 1846Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I20376
8 Farrar, Mary  1874Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I20378
9 Fitch, Henry  22 Feb 1833Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I124963
10 Fitch, Paul III  31 Jul 1881Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I124959
11 Hurd, Lucretia Lavinia  19 Sep 1834Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I123743
12 Jones, Ezra Jr., Major  11 Aug 1841Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I20382
13 Jones, Royce  16 Apr 1857Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I20383
14 Leland, Thomas  1849Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I123579
15 Olney, Richard A.  29 Feb 1928Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I62337
16 Putnam, Clarissa Matilda  31 Jan 1833Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7463
17 Putnam, Zelotes  13 Jan 1863Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4121
18 Rhodes, Mary  26 Apr 1837Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I85818
19 Stone, David  18 Apr 1844Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I35526
20 Stone, Hannah  9 Dec 1841Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I35522
21 Stone, Nathaniel  25 Jul 1865Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I74930
22 Stone, Susanna  5 Mar 1780Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I35524
23 Walker, Marietta twin  3 May 1895Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I159803
24 Walker, Mary Ann twin  23 Jun 1890Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I159801
25 Warner, Asenath  17 Nov 1831Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I35605
26 Whipple, Eunice Althea  Apr 1987Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I131012
27 Whipple, Henry R.  24 Feb 1911Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I32734
28 Whipple, John Morrison  15 Nov 1909Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4496
29 Whipple, Kenneth Duane  9 Jan 1974Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I21585
30 Whipple, Melvin Allen  19 Jul 1975Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I131013
31 Whipple, Norman A. "Norm"  11 Nov 1975Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I157221
32 Whipple, Sarah  11 Sep 1886Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4403
33 Whitcomb, Vera May  Jul 1978Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I39179
34 Wilson, Joseph  4 Jan 1826Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I35538


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cram, Maria Severance  Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I32738
2 Gardiner, Alexander Colonel  Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I120027
3 Whipple, Henry R.  Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I32734
4 Whipple, William M.  Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I32733
5 Whytlaw, John Gilkison  Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire I127526


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bailey / Whitcomb  30 Jun 1933Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire F18912
2 Brocklebank / Morrell  17 May 1903Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire F47551
3 Cowles / Stone  2 Apr 1789Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire F17340
4 Cram / Jones  7 Jul 1846Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire F10760
5 Haven / Haven  10 Feb 1910Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire F50094
6 Olney / Brown  20 Oct 1884Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire F27832
7 Olney / Cleveland  28 Apr 1885Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire F27828
8 Osgood / Stone  6 Dec 1781Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire F17335
9 Stone / Alden  Mar 1802Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire F17342
10 Stone / Bangs  8 May 1791Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire F14638
11 Thayer / Carroll  24 Dec 1868Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire F27565
12 Whipple / Elmer  25 Nov 1915Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire F47618
13 Whipple / Haven  7 Jul 1877Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire F4346

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