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Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire



Latitude: 43.2386275, Longitude: -72.4245117


Latitude: 43.2386275, Longitude: -72.4245117


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ballou, Abigail J. "Nabby"  13 Aug 1798Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4123
2 Colby, Ellen F.  Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7512
3 Colby, Mary E.  Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7511
4 Garfield, Mahala  19 Jul 1814Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I120978
5 Gilmore, Roxana Wilbur  20 Jun 1814Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7483
6 Harlow, Edward Whipple  Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7487
7 Hastings, Joel  19 Sep 1765Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I123581
8 Hewitt, Sarah  1764Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I51706
9 Hubbard, George Whipple Dr.  11 Aug 1841Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7474
10 Hubbard, Martha  11 Jul 1819Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7489
11 Jenney, Henry K.  19 Apr 1846Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7513
12 Jenny, Mary Alice  30 May 1873Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7516
13 Mark, Harriet  28 Aug 1826Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I88031
14 Osgood, Mary Lizzie  25 Jan 1859Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I113234
15 Perkins, John  13 Feb 1791Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I3642
16 Putnam, Bailey  13 May 1770Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I121843
17 Putnam, David  7 Jun 1772Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I121844
18 Putnam, Experience  3 Feb 1766Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I121838
19 Putnam, Guy  11 Jun 1800Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I122464
20 Putnam, Hiram  27 Mar 1798Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I122463
21 Putnam, John  4 Jun 1764Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I121834
22 Putnam, Olive  7 Feb 1794Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I51707
23 Putnam, Roxelane  4 Mar 1797Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I122462
24 Putnam, Samuel  14 Jun 1762Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I121833
25 Putnam, Sarah  14 Jun 1768Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I121839
26 Putnam, Timothy Jr.  4 Oct 1760Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I51705
27 Spencer, Ruth  9 Feb 1771Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I122459
28 Walker, Mary Ann twin  6 Dec 1828Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I159801
29 Walker, Miranda Hannah  23 Mar 1821Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I159792
30 Whipple, Alvina  1801Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4118
31 Whipple, Annis  1797Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4117
32 Whipple, Artemas  1793Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4115
33 Whipple, Benjamin  11 Dec 1804Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7364
34 Whipple, Catherine  28 Jan 1816Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7479
35 Whipple, Catherine  24 Feb 1840Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7498
36 Whipple, Dexter  17 May 1829Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7482
37 Whipple, Edward E.  Dec 1810Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I163399
38 Whipple, Edwin  2 Dec 1817Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7480
39 Whipple, Hannah  1789Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4113
40 Whipple, Helen  18 Aug 1848Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7500
41 Whipple, Julia Ann  19 Apr 1814Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7478
42 Whipple, Juliette  26 Nov 1836Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7497
43 Whipple, Lucia Maria or Maria L.  6 Dec 1824Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7481
44 Whipple, Mary K.  25 Jun 1812Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7477
45 Whipple, Matthew  23 Oct 1803Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7363
46 Whipple, Obed  1795Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4116
47 Whipple, Polly  1781Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4109
48 Whipple, Susan  20 Aug 1842Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7499
49 Whipple, Thomas  4 Sep 1810Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7476


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Badger, Susanna  7 Apr 1816Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I51704
2 Cole, Mary  22 Jul 1828Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I79604
3 Forbush, Catharine  Aug 1829Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4074
4 Gilmore, Roxana Wilbur  1901Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7483
5 Jenney, Henry K.  1927Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7513
6 Labaree, Peter Jr.  3 Aug 1803Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I121812
7 Lane, Diantha  9 Apr 1885Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7365
8 Olney, Elias Ward  Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I61586
9 Powers, Thankful  14 Mar 1821Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4108
10 Putnam, Ebenezer  2 Feb 1782Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7027
11 Putnam, Experience  27 May 1844Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I121838
12 Putnam, Ruth  8 Dec 1810Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7028
13 Putnam, Samuel  20 Dec 1848Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I121833
14 Putnam, Seth Jr.  2 May 1746Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7030
15 Putnam, Seth  30 Nov 1775Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7026
16 Putnam, Susanna  12 Jul 1756Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7033
17 Putnam, Timothy Jr.  16 May 1835Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I51705
18 Spencer, Ruth  21 Mar 1853Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I122459
19 Wetherbe, Rachel  12 Jun 1812Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I119477
20 Whipple, Annis  1858Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4117
21 Whipple, Asaph  3 Jul 1795Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4112
22 Whipple, Catherine  14 Oct 1837Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7479
23 Whipple, Edwin  1891Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7480
24 Whipple, Hannah  18 Aug 1819Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4113
25 Whipple, Helen  1931Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7500
26 Whipple, Julia Ann  27 Aug 1837Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7478
27 Whipple, Moses Colonel  14 May 1814Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I3863
28 Whipple, Ruth  1 Feb 1783Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I3571
29 Whipple, Thomas  1838Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4075
30 Whipple, Thomas  1 Mar 1870Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7476


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Colby / Whipple  9 Oct 1867Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire F4295
2 Davis / Whipple  Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire F4288
3 Farnum / Whipple  12 Jul 1860Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire F4293
4 Frost / Whipple  14 Sep 1865Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire F4294
5 Harlow / Whipple  11 Jan 1843Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire F4287
6 Hubbard / Whipple  Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire F2400
7 Jenney / Whipple  13 Jun 1872Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire F4296
8 Olney / Washburn  2 Jan 1860Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire F27611
9 Putnam / Hewitt  4 Oct 1778 (intention)Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire F23880
10 Putnam / Holmes  May 1843Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire F49134
11 Putnam / Jefts  12 May 1837Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire F49133
12 Putnam / Whipple  2 Mar 1817Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire F2396
13 Whipple / Ballou  22 Aug 1817Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire F2398
14 Whipple / Gilmore  16 Feb 1836Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire F4286
15 Whipple / Hubbard  16 Apr 1868Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire F4289
16 Whipple / Kinsley  23 Nov 1809Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire F2395
17 Whipple / Powers  22 Mar 1781Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire F2375
18 Whipple / Walker  21 Sep 1801Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire F2588

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