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Canton, Stark, Ohio



Latitude: 40.7989473, Longitude: -81.3784470


Latitude: 40.7989473, Longitude: -81.3784470


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Griffin, Arnold Bernard  20 Jan 1914Canton, Stark, Ohio I153625
2 Griffin, Kathryn or Catharine  18 Jul 1906Canton, Stark, Ohio I153606
3 Griffin, Marjorie M.  23 Aug 1907Canton, Stark, Ohio I153607
4 Griffin, Patricia Ann  28 Jan 1937Canton, Stark, Ohio I153617
5 Griffin, Ralph Dean  1 Nov 1919Canton, Stark, Ohio I153628
6 Reighard, Elizabeth  1902Canton, Stark, Ohio I126292
7 Reighard, Gertrude  14 Oct 1903Canton, Stark, Ohio I126293
8 Reighard, Robert  20 Dec 1905Canton, Stark, Ohio I126295
9 Reighard, Samuel Louis  17 Oct 1908Canton, Stark, Ohio I126298
10 Weaver, Lowell Kahler Jr.  30 May 1924Canton, Stark, Ohio I153640
11 Weaver, Marilyn Ann  22 Jul 1925Canton, Stark, Ohio I153641
12 Whipple, Ambrose  2 Jul 1826Canton, Stark, Ohio I78620
13 Whipple, Dick Wilson  11 Aug 1916Canton, Stark, Ohio I112120
14 Whipple, Dorothy Elaine  22 Oct 1919Canton, Stark, Ohio I142778
15 Whipple, Eleanor Ellen  1837Canton, Stark, Ohio I78628
16 Whipple, Eugene Augustus  27 Feb 1871Canton, Stark, Ohio I153594
17 Whipple, George W.  4 Mar 1839Canton, Stark, Ohio I33300
18 Whipple, George W.  18 Feb 1904Canton, Stark, Ohio I78608
19 Whipple, Harold D.  15 Nov 1927Canton, Stark, Ohio I160229
20 Whipple, James Garfield Lieutenant Colonel  4 Sep 1911Canton, Stark, Ohio I78530
21 Whipple, John A.  4 Jul 1905Canton, Stark, Ohio I112167
22 Whipple, John C.  Jul 1821Canton, Stark, Ohio I78619
23 Whipple, John Logan  29 Jan 1869Canton, Stark, Ohio I78531
24 Whipple, John R.  1830Canton, Stark, Ohio I78625
25 Whipple, Julia A.  11 Oct 1830Canton, Stark, Ohio I78623
26 Whipple, Lydia Ann  19 Jul 1823Canton, Stark, Ohio I78617
27 Whipple, Maria Carroll  30 Jan 1820Canton, Stark, Ohio I78615
28 Whipple, Mary Lou  1 May 1929Canton, Stark, Ohio I160230
29 Whipple, Matthew C.  1833Canton, Stark, Ohio I78627
30 Whipple, Nicholas  1828Canton, Stark, Ohio I78622
31 Whipple, Ruth E.  8 Jul 1900Canton, Stark, Ohio I153638
32 Whipple, Thomas C. Jr.  27 Feb 1913Canton, Stark, Ohio I136459
33 Whipple, Thomas Jefferson  23 Nov 1840Canton, Stark, Ohio I78630
34 Whipple, Verbal Z.  1908Canton, Stark, Ohio I78609
35 Whipple, William  1832Canton, Stark, Ohio I78626


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ainsworth, Emily  11 Mar 1967Canton, Stark, Ohio I43184
2 Carroll, Catherine Ann  14 Sep 1884Canton, Stark, Ohio I4820
3 Dennison, Maude  4 May 1959Canton, Stark, Ohio I130859
4 Donges, M. Annetta  26 Oct 1975Canton, Stark, Ohio I136464
5 Eversole, Elizabeth  16 Mar 1908Canton, Stark, Ohio I33299
6 Griffin, George  5 Mar 1990Canton, Stark, Ohio I153615
7 Griffin, Scott Jay  Jan 1967Canton, Stark, Ohio I125456
8 Heald, Edward Thornton  Jun 1967Canton, Stark, Ohio I43180
9 Pontius, Frederic G.  16 Apr 1966Canton, Stark, Ohio I136463
10 Quinn, Maude A.  7 Nov 1982Canton, Stark, Ohio I136458
11 Schraishuhn, Gustav Adoph  15 Apr 1924Canton, Stark, Ohio I155440
12 Shetler, Daisy M.  26 Feb 1966Canton, Stark, Ohio I78532
13 Weaver, Lowell Kahler  19 Jun 1966Canton, Stark, Ohio I153639
14 Whipple, Ambrose  10 Sep 1913Canton, Stark, Ohio I78620
15 Whipple, Anna C.  Canton, Stark, Ohio I113251
16 Whipple, Bertha  27 Sep 1970Canton, Stark, Ohio I113256
17 Whipple, Bessie  2 Dec 1942Canton, Stark, Ohio I113255
18 Whipple, Catherine M. "Kate"  14 Jan 1968Canton, Stark, Ohio I125458
19 Whipple, Elta Irene "Etta"  10 Feb 1955Canton, Stark, Ohio I46095
20 Whipple, George W.  23 Oct 1890Canton, Stark, Ohio I33300
21 Whipple, Isabelle M. "Belle"  8 Nov 1967Canton, Stark, Ohio I136455
22 Whipple, James Carroll  13 Feb 1919Canton, Stark, Ohio I46093
23 Whipple, John C.  9 Oct 1822Canton, Stark, Ohio I78619
24 Whipple, John Logan  27 Aug 1946Canton, Stark, Ohio I78531
25 Whipple, John Russell  5 Jun 1859Canton, Stark, Ohio I4672
26 Whipple, Julia  14 Oct 1963Canton, Stark, Ohio I113257
27 Whipple, Julia A.  7 Oct 1907Canton, Stark, Ohio I78623
28 Whipple, Lee S.  27 Apr 1969Canton, Stark, Ohio I136453
29 Whipple, Margaret E.  22 Feb 1966Canton, Stark, Ohio I136454
30 Whipple, Margaret V.  27 Dec 1942Canton, Stark, Ohio I153593
31 Whipple, Maria Carroll  20 May 1856Canton, Stark, Ohio I78615
32 Whipple, Mary Lou  1 Dec 2015Canton, Stark, Ohio I160230
33 Whipple, Matthew C.  1 Dec 1910Canton, Stark, Ohio I78627
34 Whipple, Thomas C.  21 Jan 1970Canton, Stark, Ohio I136457
35 Whipple, Thomas H.  24 Jan 1959Canton, Stark, Ohio I113250
36 Whipple, Thomas Jefferson  13 May 1931Canton, Stark, Ohio I78630
37 Whipple, Verbal Z.  Apr 1908Canton, Stark, Ohio I78609
38 Whipple, Zebulon  5 Sep 1851Canton, Stark, Ohio I4614


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Whipple, Matthew C.  Canton, Stark, Ohio I78627


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clark / Whipple  1 May 1841Canton, Stark, Ohio F33727
2 Griffin / Whipple  8 Nov 1905Canton, Stark, Ohio F46069
3 Reighard / Whipple  27 Feb 1902Canton, Stark, Ohio F46068
4 Schraishuhn / Whipple  17 Oct 1883Canton, Stark, Ohio F58987
5 Whipple / Carroll  10 Feb 1819Canton, Stark, Ohio F2734
6 Whipple / Eversole  4 Nov 1868Canton, Stark, Ohio F16394

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