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Zebulon Whipple

Zebulon Whipple

Male 1764 - 1851  (87 years)

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Orrin Ward
Male 1808-1876
Susanna Whipple
Female 1789-1823
Isaac Asa Ward
Male 1780-1818
Hiram K. Dickey
Male 1814-1884
John C. Whipple
Male 1821-1822
Allen Clark
Male Abt 1812-1882
Nicholas A. Whipple
Male Abt 1870-1939
Ambrose Whipple
Male 1826-1913
Nicholas Whipple
Male 1828-1849
Anna B. Hellman
Female 1867-1946
James H. Moffit
Male Abt 1858-
Maria O. Moffit
Female Abt 1865-
Julia A. Whipple
Female 1830-1907
James Moffit
Male 1828-1901
John R. Whipple
Male 1830-Bef 1902
William Whipple
Male 1832-1864
Alvah N. Whipple
Male 1870-1949
Eleanor Ellen Whipple
Female 1837-Bef 1902
Esther M. Kramer
Female 1905-1964
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John A. Whipple
Male 1905-1987
Mary B. Guthrie
Female 1919-2010
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Daisy M. Shetler
Female 1884-1966
George Whipple
Male 1870-Young
Ruth E. Whipple
Female 1900-1984
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Anna M. Fohl
Female 1878-1950
Emma Whipple
Female 1876-1876
Robert Reighard
Male 1905-1978
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Ada Whipple
Female 1879-1937
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George Griffin
Male 1909-1990
Lena May Karn
Female 1912-1986
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Female Abt 1916-Aft 1999
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Marguerite V.
Female Abt 1917-Aft 1952
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Female Abt 1916-Aft 1940
Viola Mae
Female 1930-2011
Bessie Whipple
Female 1881-1942
Bertha Whipple
Female 1883-1970
Julia Whipple
Female 1886-1963
Lee S. Whipple
Male 1877-1969
Maude A. Quinn
Female Abt 1889-1982
Flora A. Rogers
Female 1845-1911
Henry Scott
Male Bef 1867-
Sadie M. Ford
Female Abt 1880-
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Mable Kennison
Female 1881-1943
James M. Walker
Male 1859-Aft 1900
Mary Fuller
Female -Aft 1900
Calvin A. Walker
Male 1869-1898
Mary Arnold
Female 1824-1884
Harriet Elton
Female 1821-1889
Gitty M. Walker
Female 1822-1826
Chauncey Walker
Male 1824-1843
Zebulon Walker
Male 1826-of, , Colusa, California
Sylvanus Walker
Male 1829-1839
Maria Walker
Female Abt 1830-
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Ned Walker
Male 1873-1954
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Clara May Walker
Female 1875-1929
Laura Reed
Female 1875-
Jesse Walker
Male 1886-1962
Bertha Smith
Female 1887-1962
Mary Emilie Peck
Female 1850-1908
Lydia Whipple
Female 1793-Aft 1870
Susan Ballard
Female 1821-1922
Samuel Ward
Male 1782-1859
Susan S. Whipple
Female 1824-1847
Susan Whipple
Female Abt 1864-
Gilbert Whipple
Male 1826-1890
Harriet Smith
Female Abt 1842-
Spencer J. Whipple
Male 1857-Aft 1920
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John R. Whipple
Male 1828-1892
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Hazel Risley
Female 1896-1991
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Louise F. Bates
Female 1867-1943
Aldin R. Whipple
Male 1873-1956
Katherine Lyons
Female 1875-1956
Perry M. Whipple
Male 1836-1869
Perry Paulson
Male 1879-1968
John P. Whipple
Male 1881-1962
Leona C. Custead
Female 1841-1919
Zebulon Whipple
Male 1796-1879
Aveline Stanton
Female 1804-1897
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Charles Sherwood
Male Abt 1877-
Female Abt 1879-
Laura Campbell
Female Abt 1881-
Charles Millard
Male Abt 1881-
Harvey Campbell
Male 1856-1932
John H. Turville
Male 1893-1953
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Lela L. Heath
Female 1906-1982
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Gordon Lavine
Male 1895-1974
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Pansy Tanner
Female 1897-1979
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Helen Tanner
Female 1900-1987
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Harvey Campbell
Male 1830-1898
Phoebe Whipple
Female 1799-1832
Guy Al Whipple
Male 1876-Aft 1880
Carrie Whipple
Female Abt 1857-
Mary Ella Whipple
Female Abt 1862-1949
Edward A. Carpenter
Male Abt 1856-1948
Male -Bef 1919
Viola Whipple
Female 1863-1866
Dorah C. Whipple
Female 1868-1872
Floyd Fay Corwin
Male 1892-1978
Clair C. Corwin
Female 1900-1993
George Reinhardt
Male 1879-1943
Laura Bowen
Female 1830-1896
Zelia Taylor
Female 1834-1905
Almon Whipple
Male Abt 1846-Aft 1850
Bertha Whipple
Female 1877-1958
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Mary O. Whipple
Female 1878-1945
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Eunice Hazen
Female 1810-1881
Zebulon Whipple
Male Abt 1823-1825
Harriet Whipple
Female Abt 1849-
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Ella Whipple
Female Abt 1856-
Jesse Whipple
Male Abt 1858-
Mabel Whipple
Female Abt 1863-
May Whipple
Female 1863-1864
Helen M. Brown
Female 1823-1911
Etta Cobb
Female 1859-1934
Charley Cobb
Male 1861-Abt 1863
Lillian Cobb
Female 1863-1945
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Ray Butterfield
Male 1890-INFANT
Caroline Cobb
Female 1865-1948
William Cobb
Male 1867-1950
Charley Cobb
Male 1869-1948
Julia Whipple
Female 1836-1926
Willis Whipple
Male Abt 1868-
Female Abt 1849-
Edward Whipple
Male Abt 1869-Aft 1880
Alice Whipple
Female Abt 1873-Aft 1880
Mary Whipple
Female Abt 1875-Aft 1880